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Wheel stand Pro



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  • T300-TX DELUXE
  • support for wheel and pedals
  • T300-TX DELUXE by Wheel Stand Pro

Details: Product Description Compatibility: Thrustmaster T300RS steering wheel, Thrustmaster TX steering wheel, Thrustmaster T500RS, Thrustmaster F430, Logitech G25 / G27 / G29 / G290, Logitech Driving Force GT / PRO / EX / FX, Porsche GT2 / GT3, CSR. This model is compatible with: Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel (wheel support and pedals on hard support) Thrustmaster T150 (wheel mounted with original clamp, rigid pedals and shift support) Thrustmaster TMX (wheel mounted with clamp d , hard-mounted pedals and shifter bracket) Thrustmaster T300RS (rigid wheel, pedals and shifter bracket)

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